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I'm in need of a lesson.  I think I have stated that I just started to volunteer at my local domestic violence shelter.  Well I was talking with the director today about the website.  She would love a picture in the format of my icon for this post.  One that the pictures change.  She would like it say "The Face Of Domestic Violence"  (of course it needs to be spelled right and I'm not sure if I spelled it right LOL) and the pictures would be of all the races, classes, ages, etc of the people of the world -- both female and male.  Could some one please give me  a lesson on how to do this.  I have Roxio Photo Suite 4.   But if there is a free program out there that will allow me to do this or if you know how to make a gif rotate pics like this, please let me know and teach me how to do this please.  I will also like to learn how to make a banner on a webpage change an example of this would be the Mary Kay webpage,  This is juts some things that the director and I were talking about today.  I told her that I didn't know how, but I could learn.  I know so many people out there, I'm sure that someone can help me learn how to do this.

Thanks so much,

{{{{hugs Mac}}}}

P.S.  If you can teach me how to do this, then comment here and I will PM you my email so we can talk in email and/or IM  I'm on Yahoo IM so I can PM you my IM name as well.  Again Thanks so much for this.

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