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Please go read this

Maquisleader is a friend of mine here on LJ because I *love* her Buffy/Angel fics (she is a much better writer than I ever could be), and she has nailed my feelings on this election.  She has said it much better than I can.  And please note she is *not* a Republican. 

I also made a commint on her entry and I wish to expand on that.  (I've tried to LJ cut it but I don't know if it worked.)


ABBA FATHER, please, hear our cry and protect us from this huge mistake!!!!  This mistake that we, ourselves, have made.  Please protect our rights.  Especially our rights to FREEDOM OF RELGION!!!!!  Please protect the pastors and their right to teach from the BIBLE and *EVERYTHING* it says.  We are now more like the Isrealites in Egypt crying out to You.  Please, Lord Father, protect us. 


There are certian relgious freedoms that I feel are threatened now.  I also feel that the healthcare that will be forced will also be a way for Child Proctiv Services to come take the children of those who cannot afford healthcare.  And that the healthcare will go down.  Look at how messed up everything else is messed up that the government has taken over.  Welfare -- which the church has been charged with and the government should stay out of.  Social Sercurity is another thing that is so messed up and the government has control over that.  Pastors are having their rights taken away from them.  They are being cencored on what they can and cannot preach from the pulpit.  

Yeah someone said on my friend's LJ that Obama is not about Socialism.  Well maybe not, but his policies remind me of documentries of HITLER!!!!!!!!!!

I am just so sick right now.   This vote was not about  parties.  It was about good vs evil.  Notice I did not say *perfect*  McCain is far from perfect and not my first choice of Republican repisenitive.  Matter of fact until Palin joined him I wasn't even going to vote for him.  But he's not evil.  And many of you will say that Obama is not evil.  Well just let me remind you, the German people didn't think Hitler was evil either.  Satan comes as an Angel of Light.  I'm not saying that Obama is the anti-Christ, because I don't think he has the qualifications of that.  But he sure isn't on the side of God.  



Why don't people look at the character of the person they are voting for?  Well America got the president that we deserve.  Not the one we needed but the one that we deserve.


God have mercy on us!!!



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